Randall Johnson, LAc, Certified Seitai Shinpo Acupuncturist, LLC

Randall attended the small private liberal arts college at the town of Ripon, Wisconsin and graduated in 1996 with degrees in biology, chemistry and the philosophy of mathematics and natural sciences. He then worked as a formulation chemist for a major company, but was never satisfied with this line of work. While training in Aikido under sensei David Bock L.AC, in Hartland, Wisconsin, his shoulder was injured and being the wonderful teacher David Bock is, he offered his medical services. Randall at first thought acupuncture was mostly placebo and so he went more out of respect for his teacher than believing that any real benefit would be received. What occurred during and after the treatments would forever change his life in a completely different direction and purpose.

Shortly after speaking to Sensei David about his case studies of his patients and how acupuncture evaluates and treats both mind and body, Randall left his career as chemist and travelled the world for two years discovering many new places while obtaining a PADI certification to teach scuba diving as well as CPR. It was a wonderful time in his life, but while scuba diving is a passion, a career in acupuncture was his destiny. He enrolled in the Masters of Oriental Medicine at the Traditional Chinese Medical College of Hawaii in 2008 and began a transformational process that will be ongoing for the rest of his life.

From the very beginning of his formal training, there was Dr. Chieko Maekawa PhD, DAc, a world famous master japanese acupuncture teacher and founder of the Traditional Japanese Acupuncture Association specializing in a unique style of acupuncture called Seitai Shinpo. While completing his Masters of Science in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Randall apprenticed under Dr. Maekawa during his four year formal training and then an additional three years after graduation using her clinic in Kailua-Kona to treat patients and discuss difficult clinical cases. Randall also received acupuncture and Sotai-Ho training from world famous acupuncturist Daiichi Sorimachi who is the the creator of Seitai Shinpo and mentor to Dr. Maekawa, which focuses on structural techniques of acupuncture. Currently Randall is one of only 23 individuals in the world to have this certification.

Randall also enjoys traveling all over the world, scuba diving in exotic locations. While studying acupuncture in Hawaii his part time job involved taking guests out to swim with the wild dolphins with Captain Nancy and Dolphin Journeys, whale watching, and swimming with the giant manta rays. “Hawaii will always have a special place in my heart,” Johnson says, “Mahalo nui loa to all my hawaii teachers.”